Lowongan Program Evaluation and Research Specialist

Program Evaluation and Research Specialist (Code: PERS)

Job Summary

The Program Evaluation and Research Specialist plays a critical role in supporting programmatic learning and accountability in the country office. Designs and implements research and evaluation on behalf of the Program Implementation Department. Supports global research projects led by Program Development. Implements the Impact Evaluation Model and serves as a resource on other issues related to research and evaluation.

Core Duties and Responsibilities

1. Working within one’s influence, serves as an advocate for children around the world who live in poverty and are not able to speak out for themselves. This includes being informed about the issues of children and influencing others to care about children who are in need.

2. Conducts approved research projects. Develops proposals to address research questions raised by the Program Implementation or Field Leadership. Designs appropriate methodologies for approved research projects. Oversees collection of data from children, families, partners and community following approved research design.

3. Performs analysis of data, providing both descriptive and inferential statistics, as well as qualitative analysis, that will allow for an enhanced understanding of the topic of investigation. Prepares research reports documenting the findings of research projects, including the impact of Compassion’s programs.

4. Supports two to three research initiatives implemented in the country by managing data collection, entry and

5. Conducts Program Evaluation using the methodology and instruments prescribed in Compassion’s Program Impact Evaluation
Model; the Program Evaluation and Research Specialist will manage all aspects of a participatory program evaluation process.

6. Serves as a resource for Program Implementation and Field Leadership on issues related to research and evaluation. Support the development and maintenance of a country strategic map providing a graphic depiction of the geographic dispersion of needs and resources within the country.

7. Consults with Program Implementation and supports the development of evaluation methodologies for all three core ministries. Assists Program Implementation in the collection and analysis of data regarding program implementation. Supports Quality Assurance as requested.


1. A masters degree or equivalent experience in Sociology, Anthropology, Education or related area with knowledge of social research methods.

2. Three years experience in research methodology.

3. Experience in research in cross-cultural studies of moral development, child development, public health or other topics related to Compassion’s program to children.

4. Knowledge and experience in child development.

5. Demonstrated ability to write a professionally presented research report.

6. Ability to communicate and help management understand and apply learning from research in a way that helps them improve effectiveness.

7. Computer literate, experience with Internet, word processing, database and presentation software.

8. Able to work cross-culturally.

9. Fluency in English is preferred.

10. Ability to prepare descriptive statistics to summarize research findings and inferential statistics to draw conclusions about the target population based on sample findings.

How to Apply:

Please put your current and expected salary & benefits in the CV then send ‘only’ your application letter & CV to HRD email:
recruitment@ id.ci.org <mailto:recruitment %40id.ci. org> Please put the code of position and your location applied in the subject of your e-mail (for example : PERS – Medan) and please do not send any document of more than 1 MB.

*) Diunduh dari facebook Alumni Antropologi Airlangga


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  1. there is nothing in the world I enjoy more than learning. In fact, i’d rather be learning now!

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