Looking for a Qualified Training Facilitator

A school network project is looking for a qualified training facilitator in pedagogy. This position requires a person with the following specification :

Position Name : Facilitator for eLanguages Advanced Training (Short Term Consultant)
Location : Jakarta
Contract Term : 7 days (delivered within 3 weeks period), include the delivery of eLanguages Advanced  Training, 26-28 February 2009
Proposed Starting Date : 16 February 2009
Application Deadline : 11 February 2009

Project Background
The overall objective of the project is to build capacity of young people in English, leadership and business, and build network among school communities. The project involves 50 schools from East Java, Central Java and Yogyakarta, West Java, Padang and Aceh. The main group of people we are engaging through this project is teachers.

The specific objective in building network within school communities :
* IntroducedeLanguuag es as an online platform for teachers that will enable them to network with teachers from other region and countries.
* Developed capacity of participating teachers to develop classroom projects based on topics they familiar withto be used as a medium to invite school partners
* Maintain the communication with schools that are geographically spread throughout Indonesia

Specific duties :
The facilitator will work principally with the team reporting to the Team Leader.  The facilitator will work with the team to deliver the eLanguages Advanced training conducted for selected participants who had previous training from 7 provinces. The facilitator will require to :
1.       Understand the use of eLanguages online platform for building school networks prior to the eLanguages Advanced training.
2.       Design and produc relevant materials to support the delivery of facilitation skills development during eLanguages Advanced training, 26-28 February 2009.
3.       Design and facilitate sessions during eLanguages Advanced training which relates to facilitation skills development of the participants.
4.       Provid report to Learning team regarding the evaluation, potential and future training needs for the participants attending eLanguages Advanced training.

Qualifications and skills
* Degree in Psychology, Education or other related Social Science with previous experience in teacher training or other capacity building.
* Fluent in English both written and spoken.
* Experience in report drafting, both in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

General professional experience
·        At least 3 years experience as a qualified trainer, preferably as teacher trainer

Please send your CV, application and recommendation letter to l3liana@yahoo. com by 11 February 2009
* Diinformasikan ulang oleh kerabat E. Probo


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