Lowongan Kerja CARE Indonesia

CARE Indonesia, as an International Non Government Organization (INGO), has carried out large scale operations in Indonesia, encompassing emergency operations, transitional activities centered on agriculture and nutrition and a range of development initiatives in such areas as water and sanitation, health and micro-credit. CARE is currently recruiting the following position for its

Project :


The BERSIH Program is developing manuals for Center of Mother Education (COME) and Positive Deviance Hearth for use by both CARE Indonesia, its stakeholders, and other organizations working in the area of MCH and child nutrition. The COME Manuals are a manual for bidan and kader who work with pregnant women, lactating mothers, and mothers of 6 to 2 year olds (MP Asi).  The manuals cover practices for safe pregnancies, exclusive breast feeding and infant care, and transitional feeding and toddler care.

The PD Hearth manuals cover the Positive Deviance process and the training of good feeding practices to mothers of underweight children. Both of these manuals are in Bahasa Indonesia and nearing completion, and CARE International Indonesia is looking for a consultant to check and verify the technical aspects of the manuals.

Objective of the Consultancy:
Confirmation of the technical correctness and consistency with Indonesian Department of Health and WHO Guidelines and Practices.

Consultation Activities:
Review the following from a technical perspective:
·  COME: UMUM – Panduan Fasilitasi & Bahan Bacaan
·  COME: Panduan Masyarakat
·  Lembar Balik COME
·  Panduan Masyarakat Positive Deviance
·  Module Positive Deviance
·  Lembar Balik Postive Deviance

Outputs expected:
Confirmation of the technical aspects of the manual.

Time Period
The total number of days for this work is 5 days between the period of
September 3 – 15th, 2008.

· S1 or preferably S2 in Mother Child Health and Child Nutrition
· 5 years practical experience in community Mother Child Health and Child Nutrtion Programs
· Strong knowledge and understanding of Indonesian and International standards of MCH and Child Nutrition
· Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia

Please submit your applications/resumes or profiles before 6th September 2008 to:
CARE International Human Resources Unit at:

* Only qualified candidates will be short listed


2 responses to “Lowongan Kerja CARE Indonesia

  1. Sy rudi antrop 80 unpad salam kekerabatan saat ini jobless, punya lembaga tdk ada kerjaan n modal. Skrg bantu2 buat analisa kelola sosial kehutanan. Klo ada job u bogor bdg dsb plis kol saya. Tk

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